COVID-19 Action Plan for Nashua Baptist Church

As part of our plan to battle this COVID-19 pandemic and to ensure that we are following CDC and local health guidelines we have moved all of our church ministries to on-line platforms. Therefore, we are encouraging you to adapt to use these platforms so we can still come together as a Church Family. God bless each of you and we encourage everyone, to include those that do not have a home church, to come, participate, and be strengthened during this time of social distancing and stay at home order.

Church Ministry Schedule 
 See links and instructions to these platforms below


9:45am - Bible Study (Zoom & Facebook)

11:00am - Sermon by Dr. Fox (Church is Open) 
Sermon Series on the Book of Hosea


7:00pm - Church Sharing & Praying (Zoom & Facebook) 

7:00pm - Youth Group (Zoom Meeting)

Our Facebook Page

Here you can watch all of our livestream services and events and stay connected with all that is happening at NBC

ATTENTION: All Facebook videos begin in mute - Please click the speaker icon below the video to unmute - if you do not see a speaker icon under the video place mouse on top of the video to display or right click, and press "unmute"


Zoom Meeting Platform 


Due to disruptions of people Zoom bombing we have removed all meeting links from this webpage. All password protected links will now only be made available by email through the church email system. If you wish to be added to this email list to be included in our church email system please contact us by email at  


What to Pray for During this Time