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9:45am - Adult Bible Study 
9:45am - Children's Bible Study 11:00am - Worship

6:00pm - Acts 2 Community Group (Pastor's House)


11408 N. Main Street

Kansas City, MO 64155

Phone: (816) 734-4046

Greetings! I am Dr. Mike Fox and I have the pleasure to serve as the pastor of Nashua Baptist Church since 2017. Nashua Baptist Church has been a bedrock of faith in the Northland of Kansas City since 1908. Nothing survives this long without the faithfulness of our God and His people. We are a community where the centrality of Jesus Christ is preeminent and the truth of His Holy Word is preached. If you are looking for faith, family, and community we could be the place for you to worship and serve. Please come and join us as on this adventure of a lifetime in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord.


Connecting During COVID

During this COVID-19 time many people have chosen to remain home for their safety and for the safety of others. As such, it has become our desire and challenge to ensure everyone is given the opportunity to stay connected with us through electronic means, such as Facebook. We recognize that not everyone has chosen to utilize Facebook on their own devices, therefore, we have made our Church Facebook page available for you to view here. All live events are able to be viewed right here. 

If you find this uncomfortable we also post our recorded videos in two other locations. You may go to our MEDIA page on this website or you may view on our YouTube channel. The links to both are embedded. If using our You Tube Channel you will be able to watch through your Smart TV or streaming tv device.

It is our intention to keep our people safe and still connected. If we can be of further service to you during this time please do not hesitate to drop us a line or email. God Bless.